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My Own Little Island in the Dream Sea

Alone; yet a part of everything

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3 December 1981
The Julie-Su moodtheme was created using screencaps created by kasai_icons,used with permission.

Most of my posts are friend-only, so I will need to add you if you are so inclined to venture into my head. There are, however, a few public ones. :)

I make my living as a broadcast captioner for the hearing impaired, and while I love doing it, it's really more of a way to pay the bills and allow me the time and money to pursue my true passions in the arts and sciences. I have a strong desire to travel and see and experience all there is to see. I enjoy the simple pleasures (and the not-so-simple pleasures), and existence will never fail to take my breath away.

I am happily solitary by nature; however, I love those whom I love intensely. My interests are intense and vast.

Speaking of interests, they largely feature film, animation of all kinds, music, collecting instruments, singing, animals (everything from my pets to biology and zoology), mythology, psychology, paleontology, other countries, history, comic books, literature, sexuality, nurturing tormented souls (apparently, because it's something I seem to do a lot), all gestures of affection, astronomy, religous study, philosophy, learning in general, good food (especially Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Italian, Indian, and Mexican... but I'm not picky..), absinthe, being outdoors, video games, reading, drawing, painting, writing, amateur photography, nostalgia, Christmas lights, dreaming, beautiful hands, interesting voices, obsessing over the things I enjoy, geeking out on the internet far more than I should...

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